As A Matter of Fact

It's nice to know little things each day no matter how useful or useless they may seem to be.  Here are some:

  • Long ago, clans would burn down your house to get rid of you without killin you. The phrase `your fired!` came from this.
  • The term `devil`s advocate` comes from the Roman Catholic church. When deciding if someone should be sainted, a devil`s advocate is always appointed to give an alternative view.
  • The dot on top of the letter `i` is called a tittle. Tittle is Latin and means that something is very small.
  • There are four types of marriages: monogamy, polygyny (polygymy), polyandry, and group marriage. Monogamy is one wife, one husband. Polygyny is one husband, several wives. Polyandry is one wife, several husbands. Group marriage is by far the rarest and has never been the prevailing form of marriage in any known society.
  • Canola oil comes from the words `Canada` and `oil`.


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