Birthday Wishlist

I'm turning 25 next month and I'm having a quarter life crisis as early as now. Haha. Anyway, I never had any birthday wishlist because I am not a materialistic person.  However, a friend influenced me to make some this year so here's my list. 

1. A chunky white Guess watch. I fancy this watch, or any white strapped watch from Guess.

2. A new phone preferrably by Sony. I don't like iphones or any 3G phones, I don't know why.

3. A new camera! Okay so I like Sony cameras because they are reasonably priced. :D  And I also like a DSLR camera too!

4. A laptop. But that's too much. Hahaha.

5. Watch watch watch! I lost mine a few months ago and I'm always late for class lately so i really need a timekeeper with me. ;)

But really, what I want for my birthday is a nice whole body massage with aromatherapy, a facial, hair treatment, good food, time alone, and maybe a new set of make up kit.  Now I hope my Mom gets to read this. Hahaha!

Happy weekend everyone!


artofreed said...

I wish you always have a fun and happiness in all of your day.
That a wish as a gift for your birthday.

Anonymous said...

if only i have the money to buy all those things for you, i wont hesitate to buy it juz to make your bday complete...

Suzanne said...

Kelan ang birthday??? :)

chess addict said...

advance happy birthday sayo.