So the Trip Continues...

It's a shame that I was not able to participate in the Blog Trip's 2nd and 3rd days because of the following reasons:

1. It was my son's 4th birthday yesterday.
2. My monitor had shut down. It's still broken and I'm only using my
cousin's pc so that I can do this commitment I made to blogosphere and Mommy

Anyway, here's my quick take on what I have missed.
For Day 2...

According to the US government, the average price of gasoline is somewhere around $4.11 per gallon. That means Americans are paying an average of… 47 pesos per liter!

Here’s the math:

$4.11 USD = P178.17
1 gallon = 3.78541178 liters
P178.17 / 3.78541178 = P47.07

Tada! With average gas prices in the Philippines hovering in the low 60s (Diesel is at P57), it looks we third-worlders pay more than them first-world gas guzzlers.
For Day 3...

Among my favorite restaurants in Cotabato City is Le Sorelle. It is a cozy place where they have really, really big servings, so watch out. They also have great desserts and pastries and kids (and kids at heart) can write doodles on their tables as they put innovative manila paper as their table cover.

And now for Day 4...

We only have ONE shopping mall in our city and it's not even big. Haha. Anyway, one is better than none and you can find our (s)mall by clicking this link.


Gin E said...

Hi! Dropping by for day 4. How weird that you one have one shopping mall there when we have one in every block here in Manila. lol!

Charlene said...

Stopping by via the blog trip!

Sorry your monitor was broken. And Happy Belated Birthday to your son!!