Last Blog Trip Day

Brace yourself as I tour you today around my city's spots.

For starters, I live in a place where the only caves in the country that is right in the heart of the city is located which we call the Kutawato Caves. It’s various entrances; all within traffic is a rarity that can only be had in the “ Heart of Mindanao- Cotabato City”.

  These caves were also the source of the city’s present name for “kuta” means fort and “wato” means stone hence the name fort of stone, which later became cotabato. Kutawato caves with its walls of white, beige and brownish shade glitters in the dark and echoes a colorful past dating back to the days when no foreign foot yet trampled upon this island.

  The caves had given sanctuary to the natives when the Spaniards tried to convert them into the castillan faith and has thus served the purposed when Filipino guerillas fought the invading force of the Japanese Imperial Army during the Second World War.

Next stop is the Takumi Butai Memorial Shrine. It is a monument in honor of Takumi Butai and Japanese soldiers who died here during the Second World War. Takumi was the Provincial Commander of the Japanese forces assigned in Cotabato City. Before he died, he requested that some of his ashes be buried in Cotabato City. This shrine was put up by the Lion's Club of Kyoto (Japan) in cooperation with the City Government of Cotabato. I live near this shrine. :)

And last but not the least I welcome you to Tamontaka Church, the oldest church in Cotabato City. This church was built in 1872 of Spanish architecture and design.

So here's my take on the Blog Trip fellow Moms! Hope you had a great time knowing about my city because if you google Cotabato City, all you'll see are wars, rebels and chaos. 


Suzanne said...

I have not been to that shrine and I am wondering where that is. Imagine that! Hahah!

Uy, miss you na. Dalaw ka naman sa office. Kung di ka busy. Hehe.

Internet Secrets Investigator said...

Wow you live in a beautiful place. Glad to visit during this blog trip.

Charlene said...

I'm glad I stopped by this blog on during the blog trip. It's been fun getting to know you and your city!

Angie said...

Thanks for sharing. I would love to visit the caves. I bet they are beautiful. While visiting my parent's in Indiana this summer, we found that there were caves there but we couldn't go because of flooding. Next time! Hope you had fun on the blog trip.

Fay said...

Very nice job done with this blog. I want to congratulate you for you hard work. I have reviewed "techiecardia" and I'm happy to let you know that I have added it to Blogging Women.

It's my pleasure to add another quality women's blog to our directory. Much success to you!

Zoya said...

stopped by in your city..
don't forget to visit me in The Magic Castle, Indonesia... CU

CynthiaK said...

Wow, what history in your city. Amazing! Hope we can get there some day!

Thanks for the chance to virtually visit!

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Jessie said...

wow! thanks for sharing that! looks beautiful. :)

Janne said...

Sounds like a very interesting place to live. Thanks for sharing. :)


Pamela Kramer said...

How very cool! That looks like a lot of fun.