What Type of Parent Are You?

From a teacher's point of view, there are lots of types pf parents and just so you know, we alseo talk about you behind your backs so it's a two way backbiting on both our sides.  We have a few controversial parents in school and a few favorites too. Allow me to enumerate some types of parents that maybe you can relate to.

  1. Teacher Parent - As it is self explanatory, this type is a parent who is also in a teaching profession.  This type is the easiest to deal with because he/she understands the pupils' learning capabilities and of course, the laws of learning.
  2. Stage Parent - Most of my pupils have stage parents.  They are the ones who monitor every activity inside the classroom. I associate their eyes to a hawk's because they seem to criticize every mistake that a teacher does.  They go green when a pupil is better than their child. They bring calculators everytime the teacher posts the grades on the bulletin board. They're everywhere in the campus, questioning the canteen attendants, janitors and other teachers.  They also teach their children in advance to make them get high grades. You see them everyday.
  3. Cool Parents - They're like the Ctage Parents but they have a better approach. They don't criticize - only they give suggestions. They don't bring calculators because they mentally calculate everything.  They ask what the classroom needs but they never bring anything.  They participate in every activity and you only get to see them during meetings or whenever the school has a program.
  4. Devil May Care Not - You don't see this type of parent in school, not on meetings, never during any school program.  You only met them once - during the first day of class.  They're not so bad because when a teacher requires something, all she has to do is write it on the Devil May Care Not child's notebook and the teacher gets what she wants the next day pronto. I don't have a problem with this type of parent because I can write whatever I want in his/her child's notebook. But I'm not abusive - that's for the record.
  5. Devil May Care - You have never seen this parent at all.  Either his/her child is independent enough or he/she doesn't really care about the child's welfare.  A teacher can;t expect anything if the pupil has this type of parent in matters of monetary contributions, projects and assignments.  The only postivie thing that I can see with this type of parent is that he/she pays the monthly tuition regularly.  Other than that, they don't care at all.
  6. Saucy Thick Folks - You see them everyday and they talk to you for a minute or so. The problem is, they are delinquent payers in every aspect of school life, some don't even pay at all! I call them Saucy Thick because they always smile when they talk to me about their children's progress and school requirements and yet they don't but their children the books required in school.  But of course, the child doesn't have to pay for the mistake of his parents.
  7. Absentee Parents - Either these parents are working overseas or working far from the city.  A teacher has a little chance of meeting this type of parent and usually associates the child's progress to the pupil's aunt, uncle or grandmother who happen to be Stage Parents.

There goes my list! These types are only based from my observations in my four months of teaching. :) 

So which type are you?