For The First Time

Note: This is a repost from my other blog since a friend of mine cannot access my blogspot site.

As obvious in my title, I am not talking about the movie which was shown a few months back.

My first born, Aloy, is in Iligan to meet his sperm donor father for the first time! Yes, after more than a year of deliberation with my parents and brothers, we finally came to decision to let Aloy see his father. I made the decision two days ago and for the record, I never had plans of not letting the "other side" meet my son, I was only waiting for the right time. And well, I gues the right time is now.

Funny thing is that when I was preparing Aloy's stuffs this morning my brothers gave him a pep talk. They told Aloy to break all the vases at his dad's house and that he should punch all of them in the face. Hahaha! Aren't we such a sweet family?! So anyway, when my brothers did their pep talk, all Aloy could say was: "Uy bad yun, magalit ang lola ko." Hahaha! He's talking as if he already met his grandparents. As for me, I didn't give Aloy any pep talk anymore because I am confident that I raised him well.

This just happened: The man from the past (a.k.a. Aloy's dad) called and asked if they could borrow my son until January. I only said, "dream on." Haha! He begged but of course, I still said no.


twinks said...

I salute you for being a single mom. Your son sure sound like a very nice kid. YOu sure raised him well, and I bet when his father meet him, he'll be proud too of how well you are as a mother.

take care :]

KentuckyGal said...

"Borrow" a child...I think NOT! Stick to your guns, mama!