Rough Day Out!


I had a rough day at school today because I will be giving my pupils their Second Periodical Exams next week so I'm taking double time with their lessons. I need to give them new words to learn since most of them are already readers.  I also need to teach them new songs, poems, and games so that learning will always be fun. It's really exhausting.

At the end of the very tiring day, though, is a feeling of satisfaction especially when your pupils have learned something new from you. Knowing that my pupils are equipped with new information each day gives me a lift up in my morale to do better and strive harder into being a good teacher. Teaching consumes every aspect of a person and this profession is really a commitment that we make.

A few weeks ago, a colleague and I had a conversation about our profession. We exchanged notes about the pupils' behaviors and even our co-teachers.  We made a vow not to meddle with our co-teachers' spats and to only do our jobs and stay away from gossipmongers in the campus. Haha! But I think that's the way it should be in every profession.