Voiceless Alert

A teacher's only weapon is his/her voice. How can one teach if he/she is voiceless?

I am suffering from tonsillitis today and made a no-talk policy inside the classroom. I communicated with my pupils through sign language (which means pointing at things, haha) with very minimal talk. It's our free day anyway and we did not have new lessons to take up so I had let the kids play on their own.

During their snack period, a pupil came to me and asked me if we could play outside. I said no because I don't want to shout at them. Then the little girl said: "Then don't shout!" I laughed and told her that it's impossible because they become too rowdy when they're outside the classroom. The little girl then said, "I promise you won't shout at us, just let us play outside." I smiled at her and sweetly said, "Of course not my dear."

My throat still hurts and I still refrain from talking.


twinks said...

Hoping for you not to have a voiceless weekend :]

Enjoy! and don't shout :]
hope you'll get better soon..

Willa said...

hope you get well soon!

Thess said...

i once was assigned to preside in our former church's midweek service. Was soooo excited, practice to the max everyday.

When the day came, I had laryngitis :(