Controversial Grades

I had my first share of professional controversy this morning and I was not surprised since I was expecting something like that to happen. Today is my pupils' Card Day so the intrigue was based solely on how I compute the grades of my pupils. Even though the parents of my pupils do not know how to use the internet, I would like to air my side here point by point and I am going to address this to you Mrs. P.

  1. First thing, when we had our first PTCA meeting last June, I already gave you the percentage of the grades. I already explained that 15% of the grades come from the quizzes, 15% from their homeworks and projects, 20% from the recitations, 20% from the long tests and 30% from their periodical test. I already told you that the 1st Grading is only the adjustment stage of the kids so we shouldn't expect them to get high grades. However, having said that, we could not deny the fact that there are kids who are exceptional, meaning, they can adjust easily. The problem with your child is that she doesn't even stand up whenever I call on her name to recite.
  2. Secondly, whenever I give surprise quizzes to the kids, your child could not get a perfect score. And you are already aware of that.
  3. Third, with regards to the "favoritism" issue that you've been spreading around the school and to the preschool teachers from other schools, I would like to ask you something. What do I get in return of I "favorited" a child? Will the parent of my "favorite pupil" feed me and my kids? Will the parent of my "favorite pupil" give me money to fend for my kids? For crying out loud, we are in a public school and in our country, only poor (well not all) people enroll in public schools. Second, I would never compromise my credibility as a teacher for what? A sack of rice? That's absurd. You know better than that.
  4. Fourth, I have already shown you your child's grades from 1st grading up to the 2nd grading so what are you yakking about? Why can't you just accept that your child isn't street smart like the other kids. With all due respect, I love your child and I am amazed with her intelligence. It's just that she's still adjusting during the first 2 months of classes that's why she got those low grades. I hope everything's clear to you after this.
I can't believe that I am hounded with this controversy by just a single parent. Well anyway, it's all part of the package so I guess I have to deal with it then. That's teaching for you.


Patricia said...

Welcome to teaching in the public school system! I am so glad to be out of it--especially teaching in high school!

FickleMinded said...

i wish some parents just be happy and be appreciative na at least may mga teacher pa rin na gustong magturo sa public,come to think of it, if public teachers are only after the money, hindi ba nila naiisip na mas maganda ang bayad sa private?that public teachers are there bec of their passion for teaching?you better teach those kids properly para hindi sila lumaking makitid ang utak! :D