The Season of Connecting Ties

It's Christmas season once again and like I have said in my previous post, I love this season because of reunions and homecomings. However, it cannot be avoided that not all of our relatives are present during reunions because some are far away living with their own families or are working abroad. Thanks to technology though because communicating with people far from us are not that hard anymore because we already have email, chat and cellular phones. It's easier to talk and "be" with our loved ones and all we have to do is have an internet connection or save up for phone cards.

I am a bit sad that I cannot be with my close friends this Christmas because one is in Qatar, the other in UK, and my BFF is already living in a nearby province. I might have to force my friends to save up on phone cards for world wide calling. Their loved ones and friends (like me) would really appreciate hearing their voices from afar and there's nowhere to get those phone cards but at the largest retailers of phone cards who carries a large number of phone cards from all major vendors. When I was in college, I'd save up for phone cards just so I could call my family back home so I know the feeling of being homesick. Phones cards are a big help.