All For A Good Cause

Four years ago, I gave birth to my first child through C-Section and my mother was scared that I might have to need blood transfusion like her when she underwent the same procedure to my youngest brother. Luckily though, I do not need any blood transfer because my doctor said that I have plenty of blood to shed. That was when it occurred to me that I have to give back what I have to other people - blood. I was a youth volunteer for the Red Cross back in college but I was not able to donate blood during those days, shame on me.

However, last year, my friend and I gave blood for the first time and the feeling was inexplicable. It was overwhelming to know that I am helping someone in my own way and the means of helping that someone is by giving something in me that I am abundant of. Needless to say, helping others is close to my heart. The feeling of being able to help someone in need is overwhelming even though there are times that some people abuse your kindness.

Anyway, you can help by sharing something that you don't anymore need like those clothes which are piling up in your closet or shoes that only collect dust. You can even give your washington dc cars for charity and help people with disabilities and disadvantages get jobs. Just consider the benefits involved. You help yourself out by getting rid of a car or truck that you don't use, or don't plan on using. But, also, you provide others with a way to get around, all while changing their lives monumentally in the process. But, also, you get a tax advantage here; since Goodwill is an industry that is IRS-approved, you can receive a tax deduction. So, if you been asking yourself if donating your car is a good idea, just know that it most certainly is.