Body Enhancement, anyone?

I am quite bothered with something lately (well aside from the current dilemma I'm in). Ever since my son and I went back from Iligan City, nobody dared from my relatives to ask me what happened when we were there. As in nobody. And I am curious about what thoughts are running inside their minds. All they give me are meaningful looks and it's kinda crazy.

All my mom asked me was: What did Cord say when he saw you like that?
And with that she meant my body because I have grown fat. I have such a mean mother! I have always been fat but I'm still hot. And no matter what others say about my body, I will always be sexy in my children's eyes, that's for sure.

I think I do not have a chance of getting my pre-pregnancy body back again and there were times when I seriously considered on saving up money for me to avail of a liposuction. I have no qualms about my body because I am already contented with it. I mean, I don't have to get a breast enlargement or a nose job. All I care about is the fats. And I have to get rid of it.