Educational Tour for Kids

I am a teacher and I believe that field trips and educational tours help kids fully understand a certain topic. Not only is it a medium of enlightenment to my pupils, it also serves as an enjoyment for them to be learning outside the classroom.

Last December, I decided to hold a swimming outing for the kids' annual Christmas Party and not only did they enjoy swimming, I toured them at a mini-zoo located inside the resort. They had so much fun and since I handle pre-school children, they were amazed at seeing certain animals for the first time (ex: eagle, turtle and ostrich). I am also planning for another educational trip before the end of the school year and I want to tour them at the airport for the kids to be able to go inside an airplane. Most of the kids that I teach belong to the Class C-D in the society so they haven't been to the airport nor seen a plane and I want them to experience such thing.

There's this exhibit called Grossology which uses animatronics and inventive exhibits to tell you everything you ever wanted to know about your body, including the good, the bad, and the crusty about runny noses, body odor, and much more. Along with being fun and engaging, Grossology is an oozy, slimy learning tool in disguise.

Grossology offers humorous hands-on opportunities to learn about the human body like the “Tour du Nose,” which explores how your nose acts as an air filter, a smell sensor, and a mucus producer. There’s also “Gas Attack,” a pinball game that will show you how food causes gas. You can also mimic the buildup of acid indigestion with the “Burp Machine,” which concludes each demonstration with a gigantic burp. The possibilities for disgusting discoveries are close to endless.

What can I say anyway, I am a believer of John Dewey (whose principle is learning by doing) and I believe that this Grossology Exhibit - Orlando Science Center will be very helpful for the children's inquisitive minds.