Going Abroad

The market's down at the beginning of 2009 and as expected, many have lost their jobs. My cousin who works in Taiwain was also retrenched from her job however, she's confident that she will find another job. Maybe not in Taiwan but in other countries like Middle East or China.

I too have been thinking of going abroad for broader horizons but as I was browsing the web for job offers, all I see are job opportunities for IT graduates and Business courses graduates. I am an Edcuation graduate and I do not have enough teaching experience to get a chance to make it big somewhere abroad. I have been thinking of getting a new degree or diploma or even just a training course so that I could have better opportunities in other countries.

I have found a website called QuickCert which combines proven learning methodologies with the latest technology, ensuring that you have the tools you need to succeed and that get the most value from your IT training investment. They have expert instructors that will train you to create a personal learning experience and simulates the benefits of classroom learning- without leaving the comfort of your home. They offer MCSE Course and other certifications too. QuickCert could definitely help me in finding better job opportunities abroad.


Anonymous said...

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Darwin said...

Going abroad is not always the solution to employment problem.

Have you considered building a home-based business using your current skills? You can even employ other people seeking job at the moment, if you decide so.

Think about it. You can be successful wherever you are. It is a matter of right disposition.