Moving Forward

"Moving on" is already becoming an old phrase.
The in phrase this year is "Moving Forward" and I cannot believe that I will also be using that phrase today. I am past the bargaining stage and I am still trying to squeeze myself out of what I had done wrong. It is hard. Harder than the last one. Harder than ever but I will try to be even more stronger not only for me but also to the people who care about me.

So how does one move forward?

I went to church this afternoon with my son and prayed for courage to face my current trial. I am reminding myself constantly that this is just a phase, a phase that can be surpassed just like the other adversities I have had. So far, a tear hasn't fallen from my eyes but I know that I need to have a good cry. That part of moving forward will happen one of these days.

I was with my son the whole day today and I keep on telling him to look after me because I do not want to cry. Being a responsible and obedient child that he is, he stood by my side the whole day giving me hugs from time to time. But of course, he doesn't know the details as to why I would cry. This part of moving forward is the sweetest thing that happened to me today.

Tomorrow, I am planning to have a whole body massage just to release the stress. I am still thinking of getting a new haircut with complete manicure and pedicure at that. I have to be beautiful not to attract guys but to make me feel good about myself. I have to wear my winning smile with the help of Celebrity Sexy White Coupon. This is moving forward. Acceptance will happen soon, I just know.


chinesepomelo said...

have faith... uL get over it... *hugs*