Slimming Control

I have started working out two days ago because I want to shed some pounds this year. I was looking at my pictures during the first quarter of 2008 and I could not believe that I was slimmer at that time even though people described me as fat then. I have grown oh so fat since I started working as a preschool teacher and I wonder why. Is it because the kids give me free snacks or is it because I love my job too much that it does not feel like a job anymore? Whatever the reason for me growing fat, at least I am doing something about it not only for aesthetic reasons but also for health reasons. Ironically, I never liked to sweat but while I was working out, I realized that sweating is not so bad. I can always take a bath afterwards anyway.

So I am officially dieting. I started working out and I try to eat fish most of the time. Not the fried ones though but steamed fish which is more healthier. I am cutting down my rice intake and trying to do the banana diet. I am also thinking of taking these safe diet pills to at least help me in the slimming process. Actually, I do not want to call it slimming/dieting. I want to call it getting healthy.

Have a happy Tuesday!


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