Chatty Chat

Whenever I am not busy, I go to chat rooms and meet people from different countries. I like it because I learn a lot from other people especially with their culture and traditions. I also liked the exchange of ideas and sometimes when I am lucky, I get to chat with someone who recommends cheap finds on the internet. I used to have chat buddies who are moms like me, some are happily married while others are single moms. We do not have regular chatting hours but whenever we are in a conference, we could not stop our fat mouths (may I say, fingers?) from whining to rejoicing. It was so much fun! Too bad though that we all became busy raising our kids that some of us have to cut short our internet hours (actually, I always find time for internet). So mostly, my chat buddies are moms like me and I wonder how it is to chat with a male person who is married and not fooling around the web. I feel lucky to find a chat room called Married Chat which gives married people a place to meet and chat. And since I am not married, I wonder if they will allow me to register from their site. That I have to find out.