Hey Saturday

Last night, I found my old book entitled Principles of Teaching and I was inspired while reading a portion so I decided to write a post about it. That way, I could help teachers and education students as well.

It’s a lazy Saturday today so I am going to do a meme.

the years that were

10 Years Ago, I...

1. was in junior high
2. did not have a boyfriend
3. was immature

5 Years Ago, I...

1. was an expectant mom to my first born
2. was in love
3. was naive

3 Years Ago, I...

1. gave birth to twins
2. thought i was living in the dumps
3. felt that it was my worst year ever

A Year Ago, I...

1. gave blood
2. saw an ex for the first time after four years
3. graduated from college

This Year, I...

1. will try to give more blood
2. will try to date and date
3. am planning to go abroad

Yesterday, I...

1. joined a chat room called Senior Chat
2. had a date with Joniel
3. ate too much

Today, I...

1. became an OIC for my aunt's office
2. heard a very heartbreaking news
3. got lots of chocolates

Tomorrow I will...

1. attend mass with the kids
2. do some more scrap layouts
3. probably won't go online