A Promise

The disease of addiction is complex and each person's treatment needs are unique. While the Promises experience will be different for each client, all treatment at Promises includes:

• Individualized care and personalized treatment plans
• A comprehensive and balanced approach
• A talented, compassionate and dedicated team of licensed, credentialed professionals
• High staff-to-client ratios, providing a range of resources in an intimate, residential setting
• A nurturing, healing environment that solidifies your recovery while preparing you to return
to the “real world”
• A community of committed people succeeding in their own recovery, by helping you with yours

Promises is not a day spa or country club, there is no fraternizing allowed, and no shopping at the mall. Promises is a real life, highly personalized alcohol and drug addiction treatment center with a high commitment to excellence, and a strict adherence to our code of ethics.

I have posted about treating alcoholics last week and I think drug treatment should also be given much importance.