Shout, Fire!

I was about to leave the school this morning when I saw a commotion at the building of the 1st graders. The kids were shouting, Fire! The teachers panicked because there was no water running from the faucet. Good thing I was able to stock some so I called on two six graders to get the water from our classroom. They were able to put the fir out and when I was leaving the school, the firefighters came. Tada! Late as usual. LOL.


Barako Brew said...

Shouting "Fiesta" or "Permit Expiring Soon" would have gotten them sooner. :)

A handy, well placed Fire Extinguisher would have been the best solution.

Mars said...

Naku, from where I teach, we could not even afford to repaint our classrooms, what more kung bumili pa ng fire extinguisher. Haha