And I Hereby Present To You....

.... the Kindergarten Class of 2009!
So here are my pupils. They have grown so fast. They are not babies anymore, and they can now read!

The graduation day will be on the 24th and as ordered by the division office superintendent, we should only have 3 honor pupils per session and we should only give 8 special awards. This is the first time that they sent out a memo with regards to the awards because they don't want the graduation rites to look cheap. If you are a parent, would you agree with that? I am thinking YES.

However, upon talking to my pupils' parents this morning about the memorandum order (it was only disseminated yesterday) two of them walked out and didn't attend the graduation practice. How so? Of course they wanted their kids to have lots of ribbons/medals in order for them to show off to their relatives that their children are brilliant. However, an order is an order and I have to abide by the rules so whether they will attend the ceremony or not, the graduation will come into fruition with or without them. I am so tired of reaching out to them and hearing their whims.

By the way, I liked our class pictures because for once in my life, I looked tall. Hahaha! Cheers to Batch 2009!


FickleMinded said...

wow! cute naman nila lahat, parang ang hirap naman ng work mo, I mean kung ano ang kakahinatnan ng mga yan in the future, you had a big part of it!
good job!!!