Art Ideas

During Valentine's Day this year, I asked my pupils to make a personalized greeting card for their parents. I had to teach them how to draw hearts and provided cutouts for them in order for them to visualize what they will be doing. I also made custom Valentine's Day messages that they will copy after they are finished with their greeting cards. The activity was a success and the kids' parents were touched with their little "gift".

Art class is always fun because it enables the learners to express themselves creatively aside from it develops their motor skills as well. This next school year, I have planned a lot of art activities for my pupils to enjoy and one of them is making some personalized water bottles. I will have to ask my pupils to decorate their water jugs or tumblers and make them personalized tumblers. I know my pupils will enjoy the activity and it will also help them establish their own identity in a creative manner. Who knows, their project may turn out to be a nice gift favor that the other class will get envious of.