Costumes for Kids

Last school year, whenever we have programs in school, I was hesitant to require the kids to wear a fancy dress because they appear to be pricey and my pupils belong to the C-D class so I vehemently think that it's impractical to do so. However, I was always criticized for doing such thing and I was called lazy and boring by my co-teachers. I didn't mind the insults because I was only after the welfare of my pupils and their parents. To each his own right?

Anyway, during our last school presentation, I decided to require the girls to wear ball gowns and the boys, a suit because they will be dancing waltz . Much to my surprise, the parents were excited with the idea so I realized that fancy dresses or children's costumes isn't such a bad thing after all. So this next school year, I will think of all the presentations that the kids will be performing and I will definitely change the wind by requiring my pupils to wear costumes. Maybe then I won't be criticized by my colleagues.