A Possible Summer Love

Well the teacher is back and I feel silly for not continuing my lectures from my posts way back. I cannot promise anything but I will really try my best to continue what I have started.

Well anyway, as I have said it’s summer season once again here in the Philippines and it’s time for the school kids to rest from school quizzes and assignments to actually have fun for two months. I know for sure that most students, especially teenagers, will be basking in the sun for a tan or get that gorgeous hottie at the beach, some might also be having a frenzy summer love. As a teenager, I loved the summer season because each time I get to meet guys my age which they call now as summer fling. It is not as bad as it may seem, summer love is the best for me. I have to say that’s it’s an opportunity for a romance to blossom and it is up to the two people whether they continue the romance even after the summer. We never know right?

Although times right now are different because of technology, some kids don’t go to the beach anymore in order to get “that hottie” because we have dating service online which I may say, a good opportunity for young adults to mingle with their peers and meet other people with different culture. Now that’s what I like about dating services, we get to learn the customs and traditions of others by means of chatting. However, parents should also supervise the minors with the use of these dating sites because there are a lot of crazy people in the internet world.

So Easter is just around the corner and I know that most kids and kids at heart are excited for the Bunny to come. What are your plans with your kids aside from Easter Egg Hunting?