Teaching and Health

Physical Education is a subject that most kids love but most teachers are hesitant to conduct extreme physical activities for children in order to avoid accidents to happen. Especially in kindergarten where kids are clumsy, physical education classes are only conducted once a week but playing inside the classroom is done everyday.

Children are precious for everyone because they are feeble even though they appear to be hyper. As a teacher though, I see to it to ask the parents of my pupils whether their child has special conditions (like asthma) or are allergic to certain flowers or food. That way, I can prevent untoward incidents to happen while the children are under my care.

So as a precaution, I try to conduct physical activities to a minimum and I have a mini medicine cabinet inside the classroom just in case a child may get a cut or bruise. I have also included allergy medicines for kids, paracetamol and aspirin too. Doing such thing would make their parents at ease that no matter what minor accident their child will have while inside the school and under my care, I have something to give to their child as first aid. I could even Buy Tramadol if they want as long as my reputation as a preschool teacher will not be tarnished. And as always, it pays to be prepared.