The Scandal in School

Everybody's talking about the Katrina Halili-Hayden Kho scandal and I am so sick hearing about the issue in the news that I don't watch tv anymore. Okay so for the non Filipino readers, here's a link about the Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili issue. I don't mean the video link here, just a quick recap about the scandal that has become a national issue. Anyway, I am not going to give my two cents on this one but I just have to say that if a woman had been videotaped while making love (or having sex) without her consent is a violation of privacy.

Today's post is not centered on the main circus about the sex videos but with the reactions of my co-teachers in school. I was busy entertaining new enrollees for preschool yesterday when a co-teacher asked me if I had already watched the videos to which I said yes. She went on and on about what she had seen and apparently, she only saw one of the four videos that circulated on the internet. I kept mum and laughed with her side comments. She wasn't satisfied by just talking that she invited other teachers to join our conversations and so they came in circle along with other parents. It was fun listening to their reactions but I had to warn them about their choices of words because hey, I am entertaining preschool children haha!

So anyway, when the parents left the circle and when I have no more "customers," I joined my co-teachers and shared my views about the issue. Then they asked me if I had seen all the videos to which I said yes. They were asking me questions as to who did what to whom and I answered them accordingly. And so, one teacher asked where she could buy the videos and I was bewildered with the fact that she's so interested to see what the whole fuss is about. I don't intend to sound prudish and I am not a hypocrite so I told her why should she buy when I could just give her a copy that I have, for free. Imagine, heartless people are selling the sex video scandal for two hundred pesos! Okay so going back, when the other teachers learned that I have my own copy of the video, they lined up to me asking me to burn them their own copies but I only said that I could only burn one copy and suggested that they all watch it at the same time just to quench their curiosity and so they agreed.

So what's the point of this post? Nothing much. I just have to say that teachers, even of we are required and expected to set a good example, are normal people too. We are not hypocrites and we get curious with sex videos and scandals. However, we do things in discretion. I just feel bad that I have to be the one "feeding" them their curiosity. But as my co-teacher said, that's because I'm the only computer savvy in the entire campus.


☆Willa☆ said...

akala ko ba naman ikaw na naman ang may bagong scandal! LOL!

The Itinerant said...

oh teachers.... i saw it, too, LOL! bad, me...

chinesepomelo said...

sumbong kita kay bong revilla..anyway worldwide na sya neng... umekstra sa Metro paper ng UK ang news. hayz..

at di ko pa napapanod ni isa sa mga videos! hahahhaa..