School Year 2009-2010 Begins

It's already May and in less than a month, June 1 to be exact, will begin a new school year and my schedule will be hectic once again. I am excited to meet my new pupils and I'm planning to make minor renovations in my classroom. By this week also, I will make a calendar plan for the activities that my pupils will indulge on and I have to study as well new teaching styles and techniques in order for my instruction to be effective. I am targeting an 80% reader class by the end of the school year so I really have to work my ass off with my teaching methods. Also, I should construct test questions as early as now so that I will meet my time frame and not hear anything against me by my co-teachers. LOL. What the heck, you do everything right and you still hear unjust comments against you. What's important now is that I will be a good teacher for myself and I am doing the right thing for the sake of my pupils and not for others. Although I feel that I need to impress my colleagues, I don't need to squeeze my brains out just doing so.


☆Willa☆ said...

good luck, Ma'm!!

Damien said...

Thanks for testifying at how teachers work.