Let's Play Games

I have been hooked to playing online games lately and once in a while, when I am bored, I just go to facebook and play all of my favorite games there like the Restaurant City, Pet Society, Barn Buddy and Farm Town. I used to play Fashion Wars and Mafia Wars too but I kind of stopped since I find the first four games more interactive than the last two. But I know that there are lots of Fashion and Mafia Wars fans so just to be clear, those games are great too.

Anyway, I found this site:
multiplayer games,8c1.net.http://www.8c1.net and I think it's pretty cool. You can play pool along with your friends from anywhere in the world and the interface is fast too. I am not a real billiards player because I don't think I have enough strength to do the breaking but at least in the virtual world, I can be good at it. Haha!