The New Boss

On Monday, we will finally meet our new boss in school and everyone's anticipating to meet her. It's a She this time and we all have mixed feelings with the new transition in the campus. I've heard a lot of pleasant things with regards to the new principal so I don't see why I should feel intimidated. No matter how strict your boss is, as long as you're doing your job well, you won't have a problem.

School's cool as usual, the kids are getting rowdy but their parents are very supportive with me which is a good sign. I'm looking forward to teaching the kids well and since we have a new boss, I will be talking to her on Monday and suggest to buy some new FURNITURE for the classroom and I am thinking of suggesting to purchase a bookshelf.

I know this is just a quick post and I am kind of neglecting this blog. I will try to make up and post more school stuffs.