School Blues

Classes officially started yesterday in the Philippines. I was present but since I'm handling pre-school, their class will start next week. So I decorated the classroom and bought some stuffs for teaching and I also have an assistant. Haha! My boss gave me someone to assist me but it will only be until next week, I think.

Enrollment for this year has gone down and it's alarming for our school's status. I hope by next week, pupils will start flocking to the school grounds and enroll.

Also, I saw my last year's pupils who are now in first grade and they visit me from time to time even when it's not their recess time. They want to hang out with me and help me with the classroom decoration which I think is so sweet of them. They have grown so fast and I am happy that all of them can read now.

However, we have this one parent who's kind of a pain in the ass because she always looks for the teachers' flaws and then have them reprimanded to the principal. Geez! That parent was a pain in the ass when her child was with me and now she's harassing the grade one teachers. She pulled out her child in the first section because she doesn't like the teacher. Oh well, that's a stage mother for you.

I was absent this afternoon though because I don't feel well. I thought pain meds and paracetamol will do the trick but my temperature went up to 39 degrees at lunch time so I called in sick. I hope I will be able to come to school tomorrow.