Web Site Hosting

My domain is going to expire a couple of days from now and I have been thinking whether to renew my domain registration or not. As you can all see, I have been slacking too much lately. I have been neglecting my three blogs for more than a month now (okay, make it two)so I don't see a reason why I should continue with my domain name usage. But then again, why not? I am currently scouting a nice and reputable web site hosting that offers cheap services and that can be paid through paypal because that's the only thing I have. A number of web hosting services came to mind but they're either too pricey or too technical for me to handle since I don't know anything of those computer jargon that they are all talking about.

Speaking of my domain name expiring in a couple of days, it only means that this blog of mine just celebrated its 1st year blogoversary, yay! Last month, I was thinking of coming up with a contest as a "thank you" to all those who have been part of Techiecardia but I have become so busy with school so I do not know how to fit in my virtual life with the real life. But when I have the time to blog and create that contest, I will definitely roam around the blogworld and force people to join it. LOL.

Have a happy Friday!