Brand New Contest

Being a techie wannabe like me, I try to learn new things on my own with the help of online tutorials. I remember making my own template from scratch two years ago and even though my output was not as good as the others', I took pride in using the template for a year. However, I am not confident enough to join xml contest which I found online. The perks are great! Each participant is required to complete a Quick Quiz before proceeding to the three contest categories, which are Video Mania, Query Challenge and Programming Contest. Entries will be evaluated by a panel of judges from IBM and the local universities.

In addition to learning and honing new skills with high professional demand, participants will stand to win iPod Nanos, Nintendo Wii and other attractive prizes. Early bird prizes will also be given to those who participate early. So sign up now and get a head start to becoming an XML Superstar! Isn't this great? Head to their site now and be an XML Superstar at your own right!