House Hunt!

I posted an entry about mortgage earlier not because I am interested in buying a house soon. I do love to have a house of my own someday and I want that house to be perfect; the one that jives with my lifestyle.

So anyway, I will be coming to a point where I can settle down and look towards the better things in life, but it is not going be anytime soon. I have to save up money, you know. Buying, building and owning a house is a big decision that we make. You just don't buy a house like a candy bar, not even if you are filthy rich. Building a house is a process. When you decide to build one, you have to put out all your guns before making a move. It's not easy, especially when you do not have someone to guide you especially with the details of your home.

Schumacher Homes has time and time again delivered on all fronts quality service and design. The people are very friendly, and that really puts your mind at ease when you know you have competent people working towards your goals. You can choose from their custom homes and even make suggestions of your own if you like. I have seen their new custom houses and was impressed with the space they give their clients. For more information, head on to Schumacher Homes Information.


Maria M (Conversations with Moms) said...

That's probable a good idea. I'm sure that when you do decide, it'll be beautiful