About Kyla's Alleged Pregnancy

Kyla is the Philippines' RnB Princess there were rumors about her being pregnant courtesy of her boyfriend Rich Alvarez. In fact, I have shared about the blind item that I have read from a broadsheet in my other blog site.

This afternoon, as I checked on my favorite Philippine showbiz site, there was a news regarding the rumor. Okay, so Kyla's camp denied the pregnancy and somehow I felt relieved because the girl is at the peak of her career. And she looks virginal. LOL. Even if she's really pregnant, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. A baby will always be a blessing.

So the rumors are not true. Okay, cest la vie!

Read Kyla's denial here.


Pregnancy said...

For me, I agree with you that being pregnant is a blessing and nothing wrong with it..It is a true rumor or not..we just stay tune for the next step..thanks for sharing:)