Project Moolah

In order for me to have a drive to blog and strive hard to write valuable posts, I am thinking of a project this year to spend using my blogging income. A digital camera came to my mind first but then I thought of buying myself a new laptop too. I am not wishing for a high end gadget, just the normal pieces that I can use daily. Although I am not a big time blog earner, I like to see the fruits of my labor, not to mention that it gives sentimental value to whatever it is that I decide to buy.

Earning money and scouting for blog offers are quite frustrating but I get to enjoy every minute of it because I love writing and thinking aloud. It flatters me when people comment to my views and opinions. Now isn't that a reward enough for me?

I am deeply thankful for the visitors of my site, the EC droppers and my loyal friends. I am aware of my shortcomings especially in EC dropping and I am trying to make it up for you guys.

Have a happy Thursday! =)


FickleMinded said...

that's very nice idea, di ba sabi nga dapat laging may souvenir sa unang sweldo. :)