Real Estate Software

Siterra works with major corporations to manage hundreds of thousands of real estate and operating assets around the globe. Siterra Corporation delivers leading web-based software solutions to plan, build, manage and grow geographically dispersed operating sites, projects, assets and real estate properties. They deliver Web-based project, document and property management software that helps companies in planning, prospecting, acquisition, deployment and maintenance of their high value assets such as cell towers, retail stores, corporate offices, oil rigs, outdoor displays and more. Companies across Wireless, Wind Energy, Solar Energy, Retail and Real Estate industries have been able to improve productivity & time-to-market and reduce costs by using the Siterra system.

With Siterra, customers achieve compelling business benefits that impact their bottom line:

  • They accelerate implementations of large installations by developing and managing hundreds of thousands of sites, documents, project tasks and assets within a fully integrated and industry-optimized system.
  • They save costs by easily managing, integrating and reporting on any type of data from multiple sources via the web, enabling them to collaborate globally and make critical decisions quickly.
  • They improve productivity, compress project schedules and speed time to market by efficiently managing projects of any magnitude, synchronizing automated, relevant workflow processes.
  • They obtain accountability and visibility of projects, individual tasks, subtasks and critical paths with access to all data, documents and reports in real-time, 24/7.
  • They increase cash flow performance by meeting and managing critical dates of all leases and contracts proactively, avoiding costly penalties. Automated notifications of critical dates of global lease and payment information requirements for zoning, regulatory, and construction are sent via email and hand-held devices.

Siterra is the leader in managing large numbers of geographically dispersed operating sites, assets, and real estate properties.Head on to their site for more information about their Property Management Software.