I realized that I haven’t posted how my twins’ birthday was. The twins’ 2nd birthday was celebrated at a local restaurant with my best friend and her family. My mother went to Davao City that day and my first born also went out of town. Since we are not ‘complete’ that day, I decided to dine out and buy a cake for the twins to blow. The celebration we had was simple yet it brought a lot meaning to me. A picture with the cake that has number 2 on it is enough for them to reminisce their second birthday. Although I have always wanted for them to have a grand celebration, I do not think that this is the right time to do so. When they have a themed party, I want them to enjoy every moment of it. From dressing up, to the party games and opening of the gifts. Maybe when they turn 7 or as long as they are already in school, I could give them a fabulous birthday treat with their friends. For now, I do not think it’s practical to splurge on such event.

Speaking of event, I was asked by a friend to help her with the baptismal of her son. She wanted me to make the invitations and knowing her, she’s open to suggestions as well.So I searched for party ideas online and found a site that has complete birthday party supplies. It is a one stop shop supplier for your party needs. From paper plates to banners and from piñata to giveaways, the site has them all so check them out. Everything's eye candy and I know I have to save up for my kids' future birthday celebration.