Sentiments (a repost)

Prior to us being discharged from the hospital yesterday, I thought of this:

Sentimental + Moments = Sentiments

Makes sense right? Anyway, during Aloy's last night at the hospital, he was in a sentimental mood. He asked me why his father never called him to ask how he's doing. I couldn't answer and told this to a friend whose daughter was also hospitalized (although in a different room). Aloy was not really down but he asked a lot of questions why in spite of the fact that they talked when he was still in the ER, the good for nothing sperm donor never bothered to call or text me to ask how his son was doing. So I asked my son,
"Do you want me to tell him that you're already dead so that we'll know if he cares?"
and Aloy said,
"No. I don't want him to cry."
I know that my son has a good heart and I always tell him to never hold a grudge but I know he's disappointed. Well, later that night, my friend went to our room to ask Aloy about his donor. My son was mum and got mad at me for sharing his sentiments to other people (and when he grows up and eventually read this blog entry, I think he'll get mad still haha) and spanked my hand. My friend told Aloy this:

"Alam mo yang tatay mo walang kwenta yan. Kita mo ngayong may sakit ka di ka man lang tinawagan tapos magalit ka pa kay Mama mo. Dapat ang mama nila-love lang yan, ang mga tatay yan ang dapat patayin. Pag ipunan mo yan ng lakas ang walang kwentang tatay mo para paglaki mo makabawi ka sa kanya. Naintindihan mo?"
(You know your father is good for nothing. See, he couldn't even call you now that you're sick and now you're angry at your mom. You know what, you should love your mother and you should kill your father. You should save up all your energy so that you can retaliate with him when you grow up. Do you understand?)

Aloy just replied "opo". Of course I couldn't stop my friend because I really don't want to. I had long been wanting to tell those things to my son but I can't because I don't want him to grow with hatred in his heart but that night, I had let my friend "poison" his mind a little. It crushes my heart to see my son disappointed like that and that was the first time I have seen him wallowing on self pity.