Hangman Game Online

I am so tired today because the kids had a whole day practice for their waltz presentation tomorrow. I am a deadbeat and I will have to finish the grades of my pupils so that I could handle out their cards to their parents tomorrow.

I am so tired and bored today that I tried playing a hangman game online. The game was cool and cute, although I prefer playing hangman with a real person where we think of hard and unique words for each other to guess. But since I was bored to death thinking of other productive ways to do in front of the computer, I decided to play the game. While browsing though, I was surprised to see hangman game reviews and learned that the game was invented sometime during the Victorian era. I thought hangman was just a game that kids invented. So anyway, I was glad to find a hangman game online, not only it enriches my vocabulary, it also helps me be a quick thinker.