College Life

When I was in college, I used to help my roommates in Iligan City whenever they have a term paper to make. What I did was I proofread their essays and make revisions from time to time. All of those were done for free. Until one day, a friend asked me to make an essay for her, to which her professor gave her a perfect score, and paid me. It was then that I realized that I could make money by making term papers. If you have a knack for writing, why not put it to good use and earn money as well right? All you have to do is select your market (lazy students, I am your savior) and make an unwritten pact with them that until such time when they graduate from college, you will be the one to make their Research Papers, and even baby thesis as well. I tell you, the money is good with this kind of racket. However, you will only get paid during examination period because that’s when professors give their students tons of requirements. So what happened to me was every examination period, I am working my ass off to make research and study my subjects as well.

When I got used to making term papers, I also noticed that some professors give the same topic every year. Having noticed such trend, I decided to create a folder entitled Custom Term Paper so that I can easily revise it whenever an “order” comes. That initiative made my life easier. There was also a time when six people asked for my services and all of them had to make an essay with the same title. That was the hardest phase for me. I have to be in a different persona just to have unique ideas and opinions about a topic. I had to give different perspectives and sometimes I also had to put myself into the shoes of my client so that I can give a more realistic opinion based on the topic given to me. It was hard in a way that I have to motivate and re-motivate myself just to come up with a unique content so that their professor would not think that only one person did the essay for them.

An then there were also times when I was down and not in the mood to write down my thoughts or when I am not feeling nerdy but I had to write a book review or an essay. What I did during those times was research online and paraphrase the articles that I have read. There was also a time when I seriously thought to Buy Essay online in order to impress my good paying clients.

So that’s the life of a term paper maker. That was once me.