Scrappin Frenzy

Hello all! Before my son was admitted at the hospital, I was able to make some scrap layouts. I deleted most of my previous layouts and decided to reuse the pictures and create a new one. Here they are!
I re-did a layout for this picture and tried to play with my buttons collection. The journal is the same.

This one is also a recycled picture and I liked this better than before. Here I used the kits my cousin gave me from Sir Scrapalot.

This one though is not a recycled picture. I tried to create my own mask and played with it. My son liked this because his name's big. Hahaha!

I also tried to organize my kits in Adobe Photo Manager 2009 but I am still in the trying mode. I could use tutorials on how to organize but since my son's in the hospital, the organization phase will be put temporarily on hold.

Have a healthy Thursday!