Missing The Outdoors

I lived a hyperactive life before I became a mom. Before, I liked mountain climbing but I loved trekking and hiking much better. I love walking by the beach and jumping off a waterfall. Really! When I was a freshman in college, I used to go mountain climbing with my roommates and when we were on our way down, we explore the whole mountain to discover somewhat hidden mini waterfalls there. That was one of the happiest memories during college and I do not think I will trade those experiences for anything. What was even more fun at that time was we pretended that we were all using North Face gears since we cannot afford to buy one at that time.

Well anyway, I just had this feeling of missing being active outdoors. I would love to go hiking soon and I hope it would be with the same people I was with in the past. Of course we had grown older but we still love the adventure so I am sure they’re all game for a possible reunion with nature. It would be fun I’m sure. And now that we all have jobs, I am sure that we’d be able to buy a full Marmot Outdoor Gear in order for us to feel comfortable during the whole course of our adventure. Because during those days when we were still students, we climbed a mountain with just our shirts and pants on and I only had this little bag with me without water or food. Hahaha! I was a prima donna! I really love to relinquish those memories and I hope I'd be able to get in touch with my hyper friends soon. :)