Home Security & Rapidshare

I once again availed for a month long premium account in Rapidshare and was happy with the decision. You should know by now that I am a stingy freak so it takes time for me to decide whether I buy or subscribe onto something. Haha!

Anyhoo, ever since my son was hospitalized, I hadn't been home that often and I miss my twins. I went home early today so that I could spend at least more than 3 hours of quality time with them. I asked their caregiver to visit Aloy at the hospital while I take care of the twins so that it will be just the three of us at home. When we're totally alone, I felt creepy so I locked all the doors and closed the half part of our windows. I don't know why I felt paranoid this morning but I had goosebumps, I felt like someone's watching me. But who can blame me? We can not feel secure in our own homes nowadays so I think we need a home security gadget or something. That or a new guard dog.