The Octopus

We learn something new everyday and it is fun to realize that you have learned something. I hit up a site called Octopus.com and found some interesting facts about octopus (obviously). Here's what I have learned.

1. Octopus has a life span of approximately two years.
2. The plural form or octopus is octopi.
3. Although difficult to maintain in captivity it is not unheard of for some people to keep them as pets, although they are very sensitive and their short life span discourages many would-be owners, as does the ability to escape from even well secured tanks due to their well known problem-solving abilities and high intelligence, which has been compared to that of an average house cat.
4. Octopus have a sharp beak that it uses to crack shells and inject poisons and digestive fluids into shellfish and other prey.
5. Some octopi have been known to ‘fly’ by blasting themselves out of the water completely to escape predators. Several varieties of squad have also been known to accomplish this feat.