Sweet Compliment

I got a text message from an unknown number a few days ago that says:

You will never be good enough for everybody. But you are the best for someone who really appreciates you. :-)

So I wondered who was it and asked the person of course, to which I got a reply that said:

Someone who really appreciates you for being a teacher of my niece. :-)

I was used to being appreciated by my pupils and it's always overwhelming whenever the kids say that I am the greatest teacher they ever had (but when I think about it, I AM indeed their first formal teacher ever!). But getting a compliment from someone not your pupil or their the parents, it must mean something. I had done a positive job. Although teaching is not one of those thankless jobs (however, we are underpaid), getting compliments or being appreciated is enough for me to be inspired and think of doing something more challenging in the future.