Sweet Wedding Favors

As a teacher, one has to have the initiative to bring out the best in an ordinary material. Meaning, one has to be resourceful and creative. Ordinary calendars could become great visual aids, an empty cup could be an attractive pencil holder, or a cheap looking pen could look expensive by putting trinkets on it. This quality is only one of what a teacher should possess.

I myself had done cool and cute stuffs whenever I am in my creative mood. During my cousin's wedding, I was tasked to make the invitations and wrap their wedding favors. At that time, they chose jars to give to their wedding sponsors and edible wedding favors for their guests. They had small cupcakes for everyone and the people loved it. Aside from it being practical, wedding cookie favors are affordable too. It is always a delight to eat something sweet after the wedding banquet and watching everyone dance or be merry. Everyone has a sweet tooth and munching on cutely wrapped candy wedding favors will give your guests much fun at your