Back to School

I reported for work today as today marks the kick off of the Brigada Eskwela 2009 (School Brigade) of the Department of Education. You can read and view pictures about the project here.

When I went to school, I was expecting that a number of people will be present so I was surprised to see only 5 of us teachers who were there on time. No volunteers sighted so I went to my classroom and started cleaning and planning the classroom structure I'll be using this year. 6 pupils enrolled in pre-school this morning and 4 had reserved their slots. It's not a bad number considering that the formal enrollment is on May 25. I had also talked to my boss and told him to limit the number of pre-school enrollees to 70 maximum and to only accept children who were born on 2003-2004 because there were parents of three year old kids who wanted to enroll their children. I personally think it's preposterous. Imagine a 3 year old compete with a 5 year old kid, unless the child is a whiz and gifted one, he/she sure would not win with the elder child. Also, it will develop inferiority complex to the younger child that may result in an early dropout.
I'm sorry fellows I'm so tired and sleepy that I don't know what I'm saying here. Pardon my grammar and burst of topic to discuss. Let me go to lalaland first.


Anonymous said...

preposterous? lalum au ka mag eninglish 'day..