Sidewalk Chalk recipe

There are many ways to make a chalk. Did you know that you can make a sidewalk chalk using eggshells? Here's what you need:
  • 45 eggshells
  • One-teaspoon flour
  • One-teaspoon hot tap water
  • Food coloring
What You Do:
  • Wash and dry eggshells, put in a bowl and grind into powder. Mix flour, hot water, food coloring, and 1 tablespoon of the eggshell powder in another bowl. Mix until mixture looks like paste. Shape the chalk and then roll it tightly in a paper towel and allow to dry for about three days.
This is a good activity for children. Have fun!


Mommy Koz said...

Okay this sounds just as cool as homemade playdoh!

I am envisioning a fritatta for dinner, so I can get my hands on some eggshells to try it out...

Thanks! :)

Sandy said...

So which chalk recipe do you think is best...this one, or the one you posted previously? They seem so different.


Vagabond Sean said...

My sister could use this for the school she works at. They are always using sidewalk chalk.

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