Moving Out, Moving In

Things are getting hectic once again since the end of the month is nearing. I conduct homeroom PTA meeting every month as much as possible so that I can update the parents about their child's progress. Conducting meetings has helped me with my teaching strategy since I get to hear suggestions from parents or they share me inspiring stories about the progress of their kids which really boosts my morale as an educator. So anyway, why don't we talk about life and other people for now and move on from this school thing? Hehe.

My cousin and his family arrived from US two days ago because they wanted to spend their Christmas here. Christmas in the Philippines is the best! but on the contrary, spending Christmas with your family will always be great no matter where you spend it. So anyway, I talked to my cousin yesterday and asked him to buy me a mac book to which of course he groaned an bailed out so I asked him to buy me a Krispy Kreme instead. LOL. As we were talking, he mentioned that they went to Florida for a week-long vacation and they loved it there. They wanted to move there from California but they will have to wait until their child, my nephew, turns 2 years old. I gave him my uhmms and uh-huhs for a few minutes while hearing his plans and then I chattered away after he talked.

Moving to a place from another is not easy especially when you have kids because you have to take a lot of considerations like the environment you'll be dealing with, the school your child will be going to, the neighborhood, not to mention the cost of buying a new house and moving your furniture from one place to another. And my cousin's moving from one State to another, now that's costly! You have to apply for everything and everything will feel like doing things over and over again after you have settled securely. Now I am not telling you all to not move on especially when the move is for the best of everyone in the family but as I have said, there are a lot of considerations to take like for example, scouting for a reputable school or applying for a cable television provider again. Well of course you don't have to do the latter when you have direct tv. That's what direct tv is for anyway, you can move from a city to another without having to think of your cable provider since you already have direct tv and you can get the local channels in high definition. You can order your pay-per-view too if you want. And with direct tv, you can move from California to Florida without worries. You don't even have to worry about cable wires tripping because with direct tv, you can watch your favorite NFL game or a Desperate Housewives episode when they're shown even when the tree fell and toppled down the cable wires. But of course, you still can't watch when there is a blackout and you don't have a generator. Haha!