Teaching is Love

I am currently here in the classroom, teaching the kids how to read. As I sit down here waiting for the kids to finish copying the activity on the board, I look back on the past months when these kids do not even know how to write. Looking at them now is such a fulfilment. These children have grown fast and they have learned a lot. They have been with me for what, 4 or 5 months, and now they can write very fast. Some are still lagging but many of them have greatly improved. The scene I am looking at now is very inspiring.

A friend of mine had said that teaching is fitted for those people who are attention seekers. Well that is partly true but on the contrary, I teach these kids because I want them to be the stars of the school. I teach them poems, songs and dances that they could perform in front of a large audience. I teach them to be “attention seekers” without them knowing it. These kids love to perform and I have told them that being shy is not an option. It was a good strategy in a way because it made the kids confident in what they do. I let them play whenever they want as long as they perform whenever I want. That’s a fair enough deal if I may say.

However, you cannot call it teaching preschool when you do not encounter tantrums. Whenever I get irritated when a child throws a fit, I leave him be. Most of the time, a hug will do the trick. A hug gives a child a sense o of security and I love giving hugs as much as I love being hugged. Well anyway, a child is synonymous to the word tantrum, that’s what I conditioned my mind so that I won’t be surprised and get frustrated whenever I encounter one.

Teaching is love. It is fun and fulfilling. Sometimes, it doesn’t even feel like a job. And I hope that many will be inspired to teach and actually teach children especially those who are living in impoverished areas.